Shawmut Announces Completion of BoxTix Booth Reno

Boston – Shawmut Design and Construction recently announced the completion of the new BosTix booth that is located in historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace and operated by ArtsBoston, a non-profit organization that strives to make the arts more accessible and more affordable by offering discounted tickets to popular theater shows and attractions. The BosTix booth was designed by Boston architectural firm The Cecil Group, and constructed at Mystic Millwork, a custom fabrication studio in Norwood, MA.

“ArtsBoston provides a wonderful service in the city of Boston,” said William Hughes, President and COO of Shawmut Design and Construction. “This was an important project for everybody at Shawmut because it provided us with the perfect opportunity to give back to the community.”

The new BosTix booth is a state-of-the-art facility that includes a number of features not available in the original booth, including three service windows, digital signage to display information, and computers with internet access; however, it also blends seamlessly into the historic surroundings of Faneuil Hall Marketplace.

“In order to minimize disruption to operations at the existing BosTix booth during construction, Shawmut took the unusual step of building the new booth at Mystic Millwork. Once the booth was completed, Shawmut dismantled the structure, transported it to the site, and then performed the final assembly. The project took approximately five months to complete, while on-site construction lasted only six weeks.

“The BosTix booth in Faneuil Hall is one of only two physical locations that ArtsBoston has to provide their service, so it was paramount that we finished this project as quickly as possible,” said John Tobin, Project Executive at Shawmut. “We are very pleased that we were able to pack a lot of punch into this little building in such a short time.”

A ribbon cutting ceremony for the BosTix booth was held on Thursday, March 31st.

Shawmut Design and Construction worked in partnership with ArtsBoston, Mystic Millwork, The Cecil Group, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston City Hall, and the Boston Redevelopment Authority to complete this project.

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